Reflexology, a hands-on alternative treatment for ailments that originated in China. It utilizes pressure points located in different zones of the body, including the feet and hands. It's also known as qi gong or acupressure. This practice has been around for many generations. The primary goal of reflexology is to ease discomfort and other ailments by using trigger points placed on the feet and hands.

Reflexology is also referred to as qigong or finger pressure treatment. It involves applying pressure to certain points on the feet and hands. This technique can be used in combination with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) such as acupuncture. It is this way that reflexology could be used in conjunction with or replace TCM. This is generally performed by pressing gently on specific reflex points on the foot or hand.

The foot massage is a particular method. A foot massage involves the person lying on his back, using his hands under his lower back and legs bent towards his knees. By gently pressing on certain reflex points, the therapist is able to improve circulation and flow of energy throughout the body. When done properly, foot massage can help relieve conditions such as high blood pressure, chronic pain, constipation, colds, and flu headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders, PMS, chronic fatigue, and many more.

Reflexologists may not be experts in foot massages. It is recommended to choose a reflexologist who is proficient in Reflexology massage. If you are hiring the services of a Reflexologist make sure that they have sufficient experience. Reflexology Foot Massage is a non-invasive procedure. It is important to discuss any health issues with your physician before you start your treatment.

In the majority of cases, Reflexology massage is done solely to ease pressure and tension in specific regions of the hand or foot. However, there are reflexologists who are also specialized in treating issues related to the hands and feet, like Reflexology for Prenatal Health. Prenatal massage helps babies' legs, feet, and hands in taking care of their own bodies and prevent future issues.

Reflexology is an integrative method which addresses the whole person, not only dealing with symptoms. The reflexologist can help strengthen the body's immune systems by using the different techniques. Reflexologists are also able to boost the efficacy of traditional therapies as well as other complementary therapies such as Ayurvedic medicine in the Reflexology session. Ayurvedic treatment, for instance is focused on improving the health of mind, body and soul.

Reflexology can enhance the health and well-being of patients, by providing relief from various conditions. Based on the expertise of a reflexologist they can treat a wide variety of conditions. They can treat chronic headaches and migraine headaches, knee pain and foot pain or heartburn, as being skin disorders like Psoriasis or eczema. Additionally, Reflexology can help improve people's overall well-being as well as energy levels and overall mood. This type of natural therapy will also enhance a person's immunity by targeting numerous pressure points that are located throughout the body. Massage the neck, neck back the neck, knees elbows and shoulders can help.

It is important to remember that there is no concrete evidence of the effectiveness of Reflexology. Many practitioners believe that Reflexology could be beneficial for specific individuals. 종로출장마사지 Many practitioners believe that gentle pressure may cause specific points in the hands and feet to react to Reflexology. This means it's possible that Reflexology may affect the energy pathways and improve overall health.